Episode 1: The Lure of the Suburban Vampire


I’ve loved role-playing games since I was a boy, and one system in particular, the World of Darkness series by White Wolf, helped me through some rough times. I’ve met a lot of good friends through World of Darkness games, and this a podcast about those connections. I’ll talk about what the games mean to … Read more

The world that never was


Sometimes you can’t get through the week unless you can pretend you’re a wizard. Talk about role-playing games now, and the first image that leaps to mind is likely a Bioware video game, the kind where uncanny valley characters talk to each other and navigate their way through moral choices like “yes, I will help … Read more

Save me from the ghost of Dale Earnhardt and support my Patreon


I’ve set up a Patreon page and I think you should use it to support my work. But let’s talk about Dale Earnhardt first. Sometimes, editors give reporters stories that don’t excite them. “Write this land transfer story,” the editor will say. “It is important. An unassailable rich person has sold a giant tract of … Read more